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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about
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Q: Is the Charleston Banner Exchange really FREE?

A: Yes! It will never cost you one cent to participate and get some great exposure for your web site in the Charleston Metro area. There are other free benefits, such as email support and online statistics (Number of banner ads displayed, click-through rates, etc.). Since we are giving you 1,000 ad credits to start and our advertising rate is a penny per impression, it's like we are PAYING YOU $10.00 to join! The sooner you sign up and add your banner code, the sooner you can start earning more credits.

Q: What makes Charleston Banner Exchange a good promotion tool?

A: Well, for starters, you can't beat NO cost! Having people in your own local area see your company name, advertising slogan and/or web site address in a colorful banner ad helps a great deal with name and brand recognition. If potential customers see it enough, they'll remember it when they want to buy.

Q: If I join, won't I be sending away visitors from my site to another one?

A: NO! That's the way most banner exchanges work, but NOT THIS ONE! If/when someone clicks on a Charleston Banner Exchange ad displayed on your site, it will open up an extra window in their browser to show the site advertised in that banner ad. But they remain on your site too! When they decide to leave that other site or close that browser window down, they are looking at your site again and should pick right up where they left off. We believe this feature will convince more sites to join.

Q: Do I have to display Charleston Banner Exchange ads on my site?

A: No. You can always buy banner ad impressions. If you want to redeem the 1,000 free banner ad credits we are offering to you to join, you will need to sign up and add the banner exchange code.

Q: If I join, can I also buy more banner ads to promote my web site?

A: Absolutely. At the moment, our price is only a penny per impression. Compared to expensive TV, radio and newspaper advertising, a banner ad campaign is DIRT CHEAP and goes for a LONG time.

Q: How effective is the Charleston Banner Exchange?

A: Compared to many other banner exchanges, you can expect it to be MUCH more effective. For example, most banner exchanges are national or international. Let's assume you have a product to sell. Will someone far away in Canada, England or Australia be interested in buying something from you? They can read your ad in English, but if they have a different currency, it becomes doubtful. Don't forget the hassle, expensive shipping costs and customs fees at the border. If your business has a storefront, what are the chances someone who lives in California will ever stop by in person? Pretty slim. There are numerous advantages to advertise to people who live in your local area. Many people prefer to spend their money in their own community if it doesn't cost them any more.

Q: What if I don't have a banner for my site?

A: Well, you will need one to participate in the exchange. You can either make one yourself or pay someone to do it for you. We require your banner ad be in the standard size (468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high) in either JPG or GIF format (animation is acceptable). We ask you to keep the file size under 15 Kilobytes so it loads quickly. You could make your own banner to start and switch it later.

Q: How much does it cost to have someone make a banner ad for me?

A: It depends who does it for you. A banner design service currently claiming to be #1 now charges $80.00 for a static banner (no animation) and $150.00 for an animated one. That's a bit steep. If you already have a larger graphic that can be cropped and/or reduced down to 468x60, you could use that to make a simple banner ad for only $10! In general, it depends on how much time it takes a designer to do what you want. It can be fun to make your own free banner ad online by yourself. Give it a Try!

Q: Can I have my banner ad displayed statewide in South Carolina?

A: YES! That's one of the nice features of the Carolina Banner Exchange. That one has set up advertising "zones" for North Carolina, South Carolina or BOTH Carolinas. This decision is completely up to you. In the future, that is planned to eventually offer you your choice of 3 different zones for each state. In South Carolina, they would be SC Lowcountry, SC Midlands and SC Upstate. In North Carolina, they would be NC Coast, NC Heartland and NC Mountains. We want about 6-8 sites in each zone, so everybody sees a variety of ads rotating - not the same ones over and over.

Q: Can I have my banner ad displayed only in my regional area?

A: If you mean the Lowcountry of South Carolina, YES! We plan to add some more regional zones to the Carolina Banner Exchange in the future, but not right away. If you are located elsewhere in the Carolinas, the Carolina Banner Exchange is your best bet. We don't know of any others working in the Carolinas.

Q: Can I earn more free credits for convincing another web site owner to join?

A: Yes! If you want to recruit another web site in the Charleston area that joins the Charleston Banner Exchange, just let us know. We will send you a special link with a custom URL that will give you 500 extra FREE banner ad credits for each site that uses that address to sign up. If you have more than 1 site, you can earn 500 extra ad credits for signing up your other one. The sooner you sign up and add your banner code, the sooner you can start referring other sites for more FREE ad credits. It works automatically!

Q: What if I have a question not listed here?

A: Feel free to send an email to any time. If your question gets asked again (or is great), we will add it here and you'll be immortalized (anonymously of course). Ask a great question that isn't listed and be immortalized free!

Q: How will the Charleston Banner Exchange code look on my web page(s)?

A: Look directly below for an example of how the code will look. Our banner exchange uses a narrow logo on the left and a text link below each banner. Refresh your browser to see it rotate. Note: Some web browsers (e.g. Firefox) may not refresh banner ads properly. Hit Ctrl-F5 (Hold down the Control key, then tap F5 Function key.) to force a refresh.

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