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Charleston Banner Exchange

How the Charleston Banner Exchange works

First of all, ONLY web sites for the Greater Charleston, South Carolina Metro Area are eligible to participate in the Charleston Banner Exchange. (Where your site is hosted at doesn't matter.) The concept is quite simple! You agree to display banner ads of other members of the Charleston Banner Exchange somewhere on your web site. In return, your web site's banner ad will be displayed on other local web sites who have also joined the exchange. The Charleston Banner Exchange uses the standard 2:1 exchange rate. With the the 1,000 free banner ads you earn for signing up ($10.00 value), your site may earn enough credits to always have your banner ad being rotated.

For every 2 banners shown on your site, you earn one additional impression credit to have your banner displayed on another member site. Once your banner ad is approved and your Charleston Banner Exchange code is in place, you will have 1,000 banner ad credits to get you started. Unlike most banner exchanges, when somebody clicks on another site's banner on your site, THEY ARE NOT TAKEN AWAY FROM YOUR SITE! Instead, a new window is opened for them to view the other site. After they close down that window, they are right back where they were on YOUR site. This insures you do not lose visitors to your site! The net gain is additional exposure to local people who may not have even know you have a web site. If you have a local business, these are potential new customers!

If you would like to have your banner ad shown statewide in South Carolina and/or promoted across BOTH North Carolina AND South Carolina, it is suggested you also join the Carolina Banner Exchange. Your banner ad can rotate through sites in one or both states. If you are NOT in Carolinas or you want to promote your product or service nationally, try American Banner Exchange! If you are local, you CAN join any 1, 2 or all 3 banner exchanges! Rest assured, only kid-safe banners will be allowed. No inappropriate banner ads will be approved. If questionable, we will err on the side of caution.

Charleston Banner Exchange is patterned after the highly successful Carolina Banner Exchange, which has now delivered literally MILLIONS of banner ad impressions! It uses the same software on same dedicated web server as 2 other banner exchanges. All run so smooth, you may never see a blank ad.

If you want to reach the people in the Lowcountry of South Carolina with specific local advertising targeting, the Charleston Banner Exchange is an ideal marketing vehicle. If you do not want ads for other sites to display on yours, you can buy banner ads in all 3 banner exchange networks. Prices start at only a penny per impression, with a minimum of 2,500. ($25.00) You can find cheaper rates, but the quality of our impressions make them well worth it!

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Charleston Banner Exchange

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